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Welcome to the Pilates Athletic Center. Pilates is an exercise program focused on core stability that incorporates strength training, balance and improved flexibility. Through a combination of breathing and flowing movements, muscles are lengthened and strengthened. Pilates is an excellent complement to other forms of fitness training because it teaches proper muscle movement and body alignment for injury prevention, recovery from overuse and general well-being.

We are pleased to offer both private studio training with the Pilates apparatus and small group classes with a 6-person maximum.

Individual Training Sessions
Small Group Training Sessions
  • Individual sessions are offered at $80 for 55 minutes.
  • A 5-session pass is available for $375 ($75 per session)
  • Small group sessions are offered at $35 per person by appointment only. It's easy to reserve your spot by calling our studio; you may pay for your place in the class via credit card during your call. No group is larger than 6 participants.
For appointments call (650) 949-3031

Session Etiquette
Please arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment or class. Dressing areas are provided for your convenience. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and socks. Shoes are not needed.

Open Studio — $17 per visit

Those taking classes or private training are also invited to participate during Open Studio hours, when you may continue to improve your skill level on the apparatus. Please call (650) 949-3031 for more details.


Personal Training...
Certified trainers with advanced degrees will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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